Trouble Shooting Maintenance

  • No Electricity or Gas - If your power is not on when you first move into the house or it goes off during your tenancy, you will need to firstly check that the safety switch and main switch is on in your meter box. (Usually located in the garage, on the side of the house or inside the house)

If this has not rectified the problem, call your power company as we do not provide your power.

If there is no problem at their end, check that you do not have a faulty appliance. The call out fee may be at your cost if we send an electrician out to access the problem and they find that a faulty appliance is short circuiting the power.

  • Light not working - If your lights are not working, try changing the globes first.
  • Smoke Detector is beeping - in most cases the battery needs replacing.

If the property is brand new please remove the battery, spin it and re-connect. This will stop any beeping.

  • Garage door won’t open - If the garage door is not working with the remote, check that the panel is switched to ‘automatic’ and not ‘manual’. If it is still not working, check that the battery doesn’t need replacing in the remote.
  • No Hot Water - If you do not have hot water, check that your pilot light has not gone out.
  • Bin Day - If you are unsure about when your bin is to be put out, please contact your local council.


If you require Urgent Assistance after hours, please call our emergency after hours number on 0400 122 026. This numer is only activated for After Hours Urgent Maintenance.