When Renting An Apartment

1.   Sufficient Ventilation –

Please ensure that apartment windows, doors etc are kept ajar at all reasonable times. This is to allow sufficient airflow and ventilation to the apartment and will help to eliminate any dampness and/or mould developing in the apartment.

2.   Booking The Lifts –

It is the responsibility of the new tenant/s to ensure that the apartment complex lifts have been booked in accordance with the Owner Corporate rules, prior to moving in.

If you have not received details from your leasing specialist on how to arrange this yet please let us know.

3.   Slamming of Front Doors –

Please show consideration to other residents on your floor and ensure you reframe of slamming your front door.

4.   Music Levels -

All residents are entitled to “quiet enjoyment” of their home, therefore we ask that you are mindful of music and television levels and show thoughtful practice throughout your tenancy.

5.   Car Stacker –

Tenant/s are required to undergo a car stacker induction (where applicable) prior to moving into the apartment. Please check with your leasing specialist to confirm if this will be done by a Metro Property Management team member or an external company.