Late Rent And Consequences

At Metro Property Management we pride ourselves in our careful tenant qualification and screening processes. Applications are approved ONLY on the grounds that we are confident that the rent will be paid on time. However a minority of tenants still get behind in their rent, despite all of our tenant screening procedures.

This owner has approved your application ONLY on the grounds your rent will be paid on time….. Everytime!

Therefore if you believe you may be late with a payment- YOU MUST notify us at least 3 working days before the payment is due so we can warn the owner, so that they can prepare to make other arrangements for that payment. In some cases we ask you do all that you can do to borrow the money from other sources (ie your family, friends, employer, bank, credit cards, etc) should you not be able to make payment.

However, should we not be contacted, our policy is…

  • 2-5 Days Late – We will send you an SMS Text reminder AND your owner will be notified
  • 6-9 Days Late behind in rent – phone call, SMS or email will be sent
  • 10-14 Days Late – phone call or personal visit.
  • 15 Days Late – Notice To Vacate issued and application made to VCAT for a court hearing date

EVICTION will follow if the problem is not remedied!

Sometimes some tenants are continually late with payments, without becoming a full 14 days behind. If we have a tenant that is consistently behind despite all of our efforts, we will recommend to the owner for this lease not to be renewed. The tenant will be required to vacate the property at the end of their lease, and also be furnished with a poor performance reference should a new owner or agent require one.

Details of the tenancy are lodged on a National Tenancies Database (NTD). This will affect further tenancy arrangements with other Real Estate Agents not only in your local area, but Australia wide.

Therefore we encourage everyone to ensure their rent is paid on time, and also so that our business relationship remains beneficial for both parties.

Please call us should you have any queries or concerns regarding our policy as outlined above.