Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of our website. Below are some handy 'trouble shooting' ideas to assist you when you are having certain difficulties. Should the below answers not assist you please contact our office during office hours on 03 9831 3000 to gain assistance from your property management team.

Alternatively, if it is an Emergency maintenance matter and it is out of office hours then please call our Emergency Phone line on 0400 122 026. We are always here to help when and where we can.

Help! I locked myself out!

If it is after hours, please do not call the Emergency Phone. Our recommended locksmith is Steve from Safe As Locksmiths, and you can contact him on 0433 692 856.


I have no electricity or gas, what do I do?

If your power is not on when you first move into the house or it goes off during your tenancy, you will need to firstly check that the safety switch and main switch is on  in your meter box. (Usually located in the garage, on the side of the house or inside the house)

If this has not rectified the problem, call your power company as we do not provide your power.

If there is no problem at their end, check that you do not have a faulty appliance. The call out fee may be at your cost if we send an electrician out to access the problem and they find that a faulty appliance is short circuiting the power.


Why are some of the lights not working?

If your lights are not working, try changing the globes first. We know it seems obvious but many consider it's an electrical problem and not something as seemingly simple as a light globe.


Why is my Smoke Detector is beeping?

In most cases the battery needs replacing. If the property is brand new please remove the battery, spin it and re-connect. This will stop any beeping.
In the event your property falls under the Smoke Alarm Program, please contact your property manager immediately.


Help my garage door won’t open!

When power is disconnected and re-connected a property this can effect the connection of the remotes to the garage door.

In the case that you arrive at your new home and the remote is not working please check the following;

  • Is the power connected? If so, is the main switched on?
  • Is the garage door on automatic and not on manual?
  • Is the battery working?

In the case that the above has been checked and the remote is still not working please contact your property manager; we may need to have a tradesman attend to re-program the remote.

We always try and ensure this is done as soon as possible for you.


Why don't I have hot water?

If you do not have hot water, check that your pilot light has not gone out.


When is my bin day?

 If you are unsure about when your bin is to be put out, please contact your local council.


When do I need to return my Condition Report?

You need to return one copy of your Condition Report within 3 business days.

Please remember to go through your condition report thoroughly, making any additional comments you feel are necessary to accurately establish the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy. It is in your best interests to ensure that it is a comprehensive and accurate description of the property’s current condition.

NB: If a signed copy is not returned to our office within 3 business days of your lease start date, the condition of the property will be as represented on the report. Any dispute that may arise at the end of your tenancy will be representative of that original ingoing Condition Report and may not be in your best interests.

I've just moved in and my alarm is going off. What do I do?

When power is disconnected and re-connected a property this can also effect the connection of the alarm system. If your property has an alarm system please be mindful that switching the power on may set the alarm off.

To stop this you will need to enter the alarm code. Usually this is given to you upon signing your lease at the Metro offices, so check your initial sign up packs to see if the code was written in there.