Little Miss Property Management

Who is she?

In a world where everyone is so very busy, stressed and time poor, your life as a property owner can be hectic. We know someone who can take charge and help you to entirely organise this one aspect of your busy life...

Let us introduce you to Little Miss Property Management.

Little Miss PM is an expert in almost every field, from changing a tap washer, to baking a raspberry cheesecake, to killing a spider. She’s familiar with all of the suburbs of Melbourne, knows how to navigate them and even magically knows where to find the suburbs that have yet to be listed! Little Miss PM can spot trouble brewing by watching how a tenancy is going and alert you to the best route to take so that it doesn’t end as badly as you may think. She can also foresee & alert you in advance of those big repairs you have been putting off at your rental property.

People from every corner of the globe seek her advice, from John Grisham who can often call at 2am for an idea on how to finish his latest novel, to Christian Louboutin who emails his latest stiletto designs for her approval or even Richard Branson wanting her opinion on what should be the latest item on his airlines menu. Prioritising, time management and paperwork are a few of her favourite things.

She loves property management and is the real estate industry’s most wanted property manager, she could be yours too....